Keeping Warm and Saving Energy in the Home

Keep Warm and Save Energy this Winter

Winter 2019 is so far shaping up to be the coldest since 2010 with more snow and falling temperatures expected.
Everyone is by now aware of the need to stay warm to avoid falling ill or exacerbating existing health conditions. The problem for many though is how do we keep our homes warm but still prevent our energy bills going through the roof?

Here are a few ideas that could help.

Ditch the blinds for curtains
Blinds look great at the windows, but most do nothing to stop heat escaping from the room. Fit curtains instead, preferably ones that are well lined and keep them closed longer in the mornings and close them earlier in the evenings. Curtains will help to keep more of the heat in.

Dig out the draught excluders
It may be an old-fashioned idea, but by blocking off draughts at the bottom of your doors, you’ll help to keep the room warmer. If you don’t already have one, improvise by rolling up old towels or blankets.

Improve the efficiency of radiators
Attach foil to the walls behind your radiators. This acts to reflect heat into the room rather than have it absorbed into the walls or upwards and out through the window glass. Fitting a small shelf above the radiator also helps with this.

Switch off
Because you’ll be spending more on your heating, think about where you could save energy elsewhere in the home. Switch off lights in rooms that aren’t used and turn down the radiator thermostats in these rooms too. Don’t leave your TV and devices on standby; turning these off altogether goes towards saving money as well as energy.

Regulate the temperatures
By setting your thermostat at around 18-20°C, your heating system can regulate and run itself more efficiently. It’s better and healthier to keep an even temperature rather than fluctuating between high and off.

Check your insulation
A well-insulated house is an efficient one, so make sure yours is sufficient. Seal up any gaps around windows and doors using the appropriate sealant. Even a small gap can let in cold air and let out warmth.
If you have a real fire or wood burning stove, make sure the chimney is well swept to maintain the efficiency of the fire.
By making just these few small but essential changes in our everyday living habits, you will be able to shave a few pounds off your energy bills while still being warm and snug.