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Boiler & Heating Enginneer

At EMS, we consider Mechanical engineering as a very important part of the building services infrastructure, the subject includes all types of mechanical pumps, valves, fans and almost anything else that is Electrically driven.

Taking Care of your Mechanical Engineering Needs

Pumps are a very important part of any HVAC system, they provide the medium circulation whether it be Heating, chilled or domestic hot water, all have seals and bearings that will wear and require replacement, the role of the Mechanical services engineer is to fault find and diagnose problems prior to total failure.

Isolating and zone valves play a very important role in all systems, valves should be rotated regularly to prevent seizure yet this is often this is overlooked. When they are required to be closed they can often be found seized in the open position and will not close preventing the isolation of the system. This results in a system drain down and valve replacement including the loss of any water treatment.

We Keep your Building Operating at its Peak

Fan motors and impellers are the heart of any ventilation system, these supply the air whether heated, chilled or recirculated to the occupied area. These can be direct drive where the fan is mounted directly to the motor or belt driven where a drive belt connects the fan to the motor, these all have mechanical components that require maintenance.
Air filtration is also an important part of any system, our mechanical Engineers would generally carry out filter inspections to highlight when the filters require changing.

Steel pipework often carries the medium to where it is required. Commonly pipework requires altering for various reasons, this leads to sections being cut out and altered accordingly. This might involve welding or screwing new sections in place, all of which would be classed as mechanical engineering.

Our team of committed engineers are highly skilled and qualified. This enables us to take care of all aspects of mechanical engineering work. We adopt a methodical approach to the way in which we work and that allows us to deliver a service that provides satisfaction.

Our service offers the following:

  • Valve maintenance and replacement
  • Fan inspection overhaul and maintenance
  • Pump inspection service and maintenance
  • Pipework alterations and installation.

Our professional & friendly approach makes

EMS your perfect Building Maintenance partner